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For recruiters

Use Botdog to close open roles faster

As a recruiter, you know the constant struggle of having to quickly find qualified candidates whenever new roles open up. Instead of being reactive, what if you could proactively build a deep pipeline of future talent before you even have positions to fill? With Botdog's automation capabilities, you can do exactly that - and ensure you're never caught off-guard when hiring needs arise.

Here's how to leverage Botdog to continuously grow your talent pipeline for specific roles you'll likely need to hire for down the road:

Step 1: Identify Future Hiring Needs

First, think about the types of roles and candidates your company will likely need to bring on in the next 6-12 months based on growth plans, product roadmaps, etc. Some examples:

  • VP of Marketing (NYC)
  • Senior Python Software Engineers (USA)
  • Enterprise Account Executives (Chicago)

Get very specific with job titles, skills, locations, and any other key criteria.

Step 2: Run Searches on LinkedIn

For each of those potential future roles, run detailed searches on LinkedIn to surface profiles matching your criteria. Save those searches to easily access later.

Step 3: Import Search Results into Botdog

Within Botdog, import the lists of profile URLs from each of your saved LinkedIn searches with just a few clicks. No need for any extra tools or web scrapers.

Step 4: Set Up Automated Outreach Campaigns

Create automated campaigns in Botdog to connect with those imported leads over time and build relationships before you even have roles to fill.

This could include sequences like:

  • Sending periodic connection requests to expand your network
  • Sharing your company's culture content, thought leadership articles, and more
  • Firing off "warm intro" messages to reconnect with this audience when roles do open up

Step 5: Launch Campaigns and Let Botdog Work

With your pipelines built out and sequences created, you can seamlessly launch campaigns and let Botdog nurture those future talent pools for you on autopilot. No manual outreach required!

Botdog will handle all the automated actions while ensuring you remain squarely within LinkedIn's limits through intelligent pacing and analytics tracking.

By continuously running these automated talent pipeline campaigns, you'll always be equipped with a ready pool of engaged, pre-qualified candidates interested in your company. That way, when new hiring needs do inevitably arise, you can quickly activate your pre-built pipeline of warm leads and accelerate your hiring process.

No more scrambling to find qualified applicants. No more catching up after roles open. Just a perpetual stream of top talent to pull from, thanks to the power of Botdog's automated recruiting capabilities.