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For recruiters

Get more inbound candidates and a better employer brand

As a recruiter, you know how impactful it can be to share job openings and employer branding content on LinkedIn. But did you know that only around 30% of your 1st-degree connections actually see those posts in their feeds? That means the vast majority of your network is missing out on your latest roles and company highlights.

With Botdog, you can exponentially increase the reach and visibility of everything you share on LinkedIn - resulting in way more qualified candidate applications and greater employer brand awareness. Here's how:

Step 1: Define Target Criteria

First, identify the attributes you want to target for both roles you're hiring for and your ideal future candidates. This includes job titles, skills, locations, backgrounds/experiences, etc.

Step 2: Search Your 2nd-Degree Network

Run a search on LinkedIn for profiles matching that criteria from your 2nd-degree network.

Step 3: Import Profiles into Botdog

Import all of those 2nd-degree profile URLs into Botdog with just one click. You can also upload existing lead lists as CSVs if you use other tools to find candidates.

Step 4: Set Up Automated Outreach Campaigns

Create automated multi-step campaigns in Botdog to continuously connect with those imported profiles over time. Make it simple: one invitation with no note, one casual, non-pushy message 3 days after they accept the invite.

Step 5: Share Content With New Connections

Once connected, any job posts, employer branding content, culture updates, thought leadership, or open role shares will get surfaced directly in their feeds. Use Botdog to personalize those shares for more engagement.

With a consistent flow of fresh, engaged 1st-degree connections who match your ideal candidate personas, you'll immediately see a massive increase in visibility and inbound applicant flow for your job posts. One company gained over 3,000 extra views per post!

Plus, you'll be able to proactively build awareness and affinity for your employer brand within your target hiring audiences. When new roles do open up, you'll already have a huge pool of potential candidates excited about your company.

By leveraging Botdog's network expansion capabilities, you can ensure your job posts, company content, and overall recruitment presence gets maximum reach and exposure to the right people. Stop hoping folks see your updates and start taking control of your LinkedIn amplification!