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For content creators & copywriters

Promote your content and drive more engagement

As a content creator or copywriter, you pour your heart and soul into crafting amazing content that educates, entertains, and provides value to your audience. But no matter how stellar your work is, it can be extremely frustrating when that content fails to get the reach and engagement it deserves.

The sad truth is that even if you have thousands of followers, only a tiny fraction of them (around 3-5%) will actually see each new post or update you publish on LinkedIn. The rest gets drowned out by the endless feed noise.

So how can you ensure your best stuff consistently finds its way in front of the right audiences and cultivates an engaged following of true fans? The answer is intelligent, automated outreach using Botdog.

Here's how content creators and copywriters can leverage Botdog to proactively promote their content and drive more views, comments, shares, and meaningful interactions:

Step 1: Define Your Target Audiences

First, get clarity on who your ideal audiences are that would genuinely benefit from and engage with your content. This could be specific roles, industries, interests, skills, or any other descriptors.

Step 2: Search LinkedIn and Build Audience Lists

In LinkedIn, run searches to surface profiles matching those target audience criteria. You can browse through filters like title, company, location, interests, etc.

Import or upload those profiles as customized audience lists into Botdog.

Step 3: Create Automated Content Promotion Campaigns

Within Botdog, build automated multi-step campaigns to connect with and share your content to those imported audience lists over time. For example:

  • Sequence 1: Send connection requests > Share a high-value piece of content upon acceptance
  • Sequence 2: Share your latest podcast episode or article > Follow up sharing a related freebie
  • Sequence 3: Invite them to an upcoming livestream or webinar you're hosting

Step 4: Identify and Connect With Engaged Viewers

One of Botdog's most powerful capabilities is tracking who engages with your shared content through analytics. You can then automatically initiate connection requests with those engaged viewers while their interest is hottest.

From there, create automated campaigns to continue nurturing relationships with that engaged audience over time.

Step 5: Continuously Optimize Your Outreach

As you launch each content promotion campaign, keep a close eye on your analytics within Botdog. Monitor metrics like:

  • Connection request acceptance rates
  • Content view statistics
  • Comment volumes and engagement levels

Use those metrics to quickly identify what's resonating best with your audiences. Then optimize your campaigns by doubling down on the highest-performing messages, content topics, and creative angles.

With Botdog handling your outreach behind the scenes, you'll never again have to worry about your hard work being lost in the feed. You'll systematically cultivate an expanding audience of highly targeted, genuinely interested viewers and followers who are primed to engage with every new piece of content you publish.

No more tearing your hair out wondering why you're not getting more traction. Combine remarkable content creation with intelligent automated distribution using Botdog and watch your engagement skyrocket!