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For salespeople

Get more prospects engaging with your content

While posting on LinkedIn is a great way to share insight and thought leadership, the truth is that only about 30% of your 1st-degree network sees each of your updates. That means the vast majority of your ideal prospective customers and clients are missing out on the awesome content you're publishing.

With Botdog, you can exponentially increase the visibility of everything you share on LinkedIn by automatically connecting with your 2nd-degree network. Here's how:

Step 1: Define Your Target Prospect Profiles

Identify the specific attributes of the businesses and decision-makers you want to get in front of - their roles, industries, company sizes, locations, etc.

Step 2: Search 2nd-Degree Connections on LinkedIn

Run a search on LinkedIn for profiles matching that target prospect criteria, but filter it to only show your 2nd-degree connections.

Step 3: Import Profiles into Botdog

Import all of those 2nd-degree prospect URLs directly into Botdog. You can also upload existing lead lists.

Step 4: Set Up Automated Outreach Campaigns

Create automated campaigns in Botdog to continuously connect with those imported prospect profiles over time.

Step 5: Share Content With New Connections

Any content, thought leadership, or sales assets you share on LinkedIn will now get surfaced directly in the feeds of those newly connected prospects.

One company using this strategy gained over 3,000 additional views on each piece of content they published just from their newly expanded audience of ideal potential customers seeing it in their feeds.

Don't let your amazing sales content go unseen. Use Botdog to automatically get your insights in front of the exact prospective customers and clients you want to convert. The more visible your expertise, the more opportunities you'll generate.