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How to get a LinkedIn "Top Community Voice" Badge

If you're leveraging LinkedIn for sales, marketing or lead generation, having a "Top Community Voice" badge can be a valuable asset for boosting your credibility and conversion rates on the platform.

The good news? Getting one of these badges is surprisingly straightforward if you follow the right process.

Jasmin has a well-deserved "Top Personal Branding Voice" - and you can get one too!

Earlier this year, I decided to pursue LinkedIn's new "Top Community Voice" credentials as a way to amplify my reach and positioning when connecting with my target audience on LinkedIn. After just a few hours of work, spread over a couple of weeks, I was able to secure a "Top Personal Branding Voice" badge you now see displayed on my profile.

Here's an inside look at the simple steps I followed to quickly earn this social proof marker from LinkedIn:

Step 1: Unlock Commenting Privileges

To kick things off, I needed the ability to actually leave comments on LinkedIn's "Collaborative Articles" - the place where LinkedIn sources expert perspectives to feature. Despite having a sizable following and being an active poster, I didn't initially have access to comment.

You first need to "Acknowledge great insights" before you can leave your own comments

The trick here was simply going to the Collaborative Articles section and consistently upvoting others' comments on various posts over the span of about a week. After doing this, seemingly random liking and upvoting, I was then able to "Add My Perspective" to articles.

After a few days (weeks?) I was able to "Start a contribution"

It's very unclear what's required to be able to "Start a contribution", but LinkedIn clearly says that liking other comments can help:

How to contribute to Collaborative Articles, on LinkedIn support website

Step 2: Pick Your Target Categories

With commenting unlocked, I headed to the "Categories" sidebar on the Collaborative Articles page and selected the topics most aligned with the areas where I wanted to be perceived as a thought leader. For me, that meant choosing categories like "Personal Branding" and "Recruiting" since my core audience involves recruiters, salespeople and founders interested in those topics.

You'll want to be strategic about the handful of categories you select based on your product's use case and target buyers. This will determine which "Top Voice" badges you'll be eligible for. There are 2,500 badges available for each topic - with topics as diverse as Active Listening, Advertising Sales, Encryption, etc. For a total of 2,399 topics (I exported the comprehensive list here for you!)

Step 3: Leave 3+ High-Quality Comments

Now for the most crucial step - actually lending your expertise to the Collaborative Articles. I aimed to leave a few thoughtful, high-value comments each day drawing from my experiences and perspectives. While many of the AI-generated article starters were pretty low-quality, I was able to identify relevant subheadings to contribute nuggets of original insight.

Surprisingly, it only took around 8 comments spread across 3 different categories for me to be awarded my first "Top Voice" badges within a couple days! For low-effort activities, these credentials pack a serious punch.

LinkedIn says that you need to leave at least 3 comments and be in the top 5% of contributors - don't let that deter you as it's often easier than one could expect.

Step 4: Choose Your Badge & Keep Contributing

The badge expires after 60 days, so you have to work to keep it

Once I had those initial "Top Voice" badges under my belt, I was able to choose which specific one (e.g. "Top Recruiting Voice") to display on my public LinkedIn profile for added prestige.

The badges do expire every 60 days, so I've made it a point to leave just a few more comments here and there to maintain my credibility markers. But the initial time investment was less than an hour, making this a no-brainer for anyone looking to strengthen their LinkedIn presence.


All in all, earning a "Top Community Voice" recognition on LinkedIn turned out to be a straightforward, high-leverage use of my time. By sharing my expertise in just a few hours of work, I'm now distinctly credentialed on the platform which will ideally translate into better engagement and conversion rates when reaching out to my target audience.

If you're a founder leveraging LinkedIn for any aspect of marketing or sales, I'd highly recommend pursuing these badges. The process is simple, the benefits are substantial, and the time investment is extremely low - a rare combination!

Have you earned any "Top Voice" badges yourself? If so, I'd love to hear about your experience and any other tips you've picked up along the way. Let me know!

LinkedIn "Top Voice" badge is an entirely different story and is invitation-only