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Organize successful LinkedIn Live events

As a content creator, few things are more exciting and nerve-wracking than hosting a LinkedIn Live event. You've spent weeks preparing amazing content, promoting the event, and rallying your audience. But what if only a handful of people show up? That empty virtual room is every creator's worst nightmare.

The truth is, getting great attendance for any live stream or webinar comes down to creating awareness and spreading the word through your networks. And as a creator, your potential reach is often limited by your immediate follower count.

That's where growing your LinkedIn network and leveraging automated outreach using Botdog can be an absolute game-changer for driving a massive influx of fresh, engaged attendees for your LinkedIn Live events.

According to LinkedIn, users can only invite up to 1,000 connections per week to events they're hosting or attending. That's also why growing your network size early on can be so crucial to maximize your attendance!

With Botdog's intelligent automation capabilities, you can systematically expand your 1st-degree network over time with your ideal target audiences. The bigger your relevant professional network, the more people you'll be able to directly invite to your upcoming live streams and webinars.

Here's how content creators can combine LinkedIn Live with Botdog's intelligent automation to pack the virtual audience:

Step 1: Plan and Schedule Your Event

First, lock in the date, time, topic and other details for your upcoming LinkedIn Live stream or webinar. Create the event listing within LinkedIn so you have the shareable link to promote.

Step 2: Define Your Target Attendee Profiles

Get clear on who your ideal attendees are outside of your existing audience. This could be specific roles, industries, interests, skills, locations, or any other defining characteristics.

Step 3: Search LinkedIn and Import Target Contacts

Within LinkedIn, run searches combining those target profile traits you identified. For maximum turnout, you'll want to cast a wide but still relevant net.

Import all those contact profile URLs into Botdog as an attendee prospect list.

Step 4: Set Up Automated Outreach Campaigns

Now here's where the magic happens! In Botdog, create multi-sequence automated campaigns to:

Send connection requests to those imported prospects with a message like "Hosting a can't-miss streaming event on [TOPIC] next week - would love for you to join!"

  1. Once connected, share the event link and personally invite them to attend
  2. Send event reminders as it gets closer to showtime
  3. Share a thank you, summary, or link to the recording for attendees

Step 5: Monitor and Adjust in Real-Time

Keep a close eye on your Botdog analytics as your campaigns run. Watch for engagement signals like:

Connections accepting your invites

  • Comments asking questions about the event
  • Prospects clicking through to reserve a spot

Use that data to identify your highest-converting messages and adjust your sequences accordingly in real-time.

Step 6: Seamlessly Follow Up with Attendees

After your wildly successful live stream, you can use Botdog to automatically follow up with every single attendee, both new connections and existing followers alike. Easily share a link to the recording, additional resources, or a call-to-action for them to keep engaging with you.

Combining automated outreach with strategic live streaming is a surefire way for content creators to go from hosting niche, sleepy events to producing massively attended, revenue-generating shows!

Don't let your hard work get lost in the LinkedIn feed noise. With Botdog systematically spreading awareness and personally inviting your ideal attendee profiles, you can reliably ensure your events generate standing-room only crowds of rapt fans. Just focus on bringing incredible value - Botdog handles mobilizing your audience!