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Increase your Audience and thought leadership as a founder/business owner

Building a strong personal brand and thought leadership presence is crucial for attracting talent, investors, partners, and customers to your business. You need to continually reinforce your company's mission and expertise while staying top-of-mind within your industry's communities.

However, most founders struggle to find the time and bandwidth to consistently create content and proactively grow their audience across platforms like LinkedIn. That's where Botdog can be a game-changer.

Here's how to leverage Botdog's automated outreach capabilities to exponentially increase the reach and impact of your founder thought leadership efforts:

Step 1: Define Your Target Audiences

First, get crystal clear on who you want to influence and build mindshare with. This could include investor personas, specific roles you want to attract talent from, target customers, industry peers, and more.

Step 2: Search LinkedIn and Import Contacts

In LinkedIn, run searches for profiles matching the titles, industries, locations, etc. of those audience segments. Import all those contact URLs directly into Botdog.

Step 3: Set Up Automated Network Growth Campaigns

Within Botdog, create automated campaigns to continuously connect with those imported contacts over time. This could include sequences like:

  • Sending connection requests with a message like "Love to connect and share my journey building [COMPANY] in the [INDUSTRY] space!"
  • Sharing a company milestone, new product launch, or thought leadership article: "Just hit [MILESTONE]! Here's a look at how we're revolutionizing [INDUSTRY]: [LINK]"

As your network of relevant followers grows, you'll increase the visibility of everything you and your company shares.

Step 4: Share Thought Leadership Content

Now that you've systematically expanded your audience, you can share thought leadership posts, podcast episodes, speaking announcements, and more through automated campaigns in Botdog.

Some potential messages:

"I was recently a guest on [PODCAST] discussing [TOPIC] and how [COMPANY] is addressing it. Give it a listen: [LINK]"

"I'll be joining [EVENT] next month to share my candid take on [PAIN POINT] and how founders can [OPPORTUNITY]. Who else is attending?"

"[COMPANY] is pioneering a new approach to [PROBLEM] in [INDUSTRY]. Here's my perspective in my latest article: [LINK]"

Step 5: Monitor and Refine Your Strategy

As you share content and updates, keep a close eye on your Botdog analytics. Watch for metrics like comments, replies, and link clicks to identify which messages and content angles resonate best with your audiences. Then double down on what works!

You can also create automated campaigns to follow up with people who engaged, sharing additional insights or requesting their feedback.

By combining the power of automated network expansion with thoughtful, strategic content promotion, you'll be able to dramatically amplify your founder thought leadership reach and authority. No more shouting into the void - you'll systematically cultivate a highly relevant, engaged audience of followers who know your name, your company's mission, and are motivated to learn from you as a subject matter expert.

As founders know, funding, talent, and revenue are all about relationships and mindshare. Don't let your voice get drowned out by algorithm changes and the endless feed noise. Use Botdog to proactively build your founder cult following and keep your mission top-of-mind for the audiences that matter most.